Day 7 Big


Puppy’s Paw

Meet our 4 month old bullador.  His paws are as big as his head in this photo.  At this time, his paws are unusually large and it seems heavy by the way he trots around the house.  He picks up each front paw and flaps it upward before slapping it back on the floor.  It’s a funny sight to see.  However, it doesn’t stop him from galloping around the yard as he fetches his favorite toy or stick.  Here’s hoping that he will grow into these monstrous paws!🐾🐾🐾

Puppies, Pals, & Play Dates


Day 11: A Beautiful Mess 30 Day Self Portrait Challenge

Title: Random Sunday Selfie


My sister who owns a 10 week old Jack Russel mix (Pixie) had called me early in the morning to schedule a puppy play date. We met at 3PM and I also invited my friend who has a 6 month old male boxer (Gunner).

It was interesting to see how the puppies had to slowly get used to their new social environment. They were surprised to discover each other as they kept pulling back and finding comfort in their owners. When we decided to let them loose, Continue reading

Awwww…..How cuuuute!

Day2: A Beautiful Mess 30 day Self Portrait Challenge

Title: Awwww…How Cuuuuute!


I was resting after a 4 hour work day and driving the kids to haircut appointments and afternoon practice. I heard Casey walk through the door and down the hallway and I bolted up, opened the door, and….”awwww-how cuuuute!”

He was cradling an 8week old bundle of marshmallowy, pungent smelly, cotton-bally, white as lilies bundle of cuteness in his arms! “Happy Anniversary to us!”, he said Continue reading