July 2, 2013

Great Life Moments

The purpose of this website is to share the many moments in my life that matter the most to me. I am a wife to a very busy, handsome, and awesome chef and we have 4 beautiful children: an 18 year-old female college athlete in Track, a 13 year-old son who likes to play computer games and soccer, and 8-year-old twins who are aspiring soccer players. Besides being a mom, I tutor 3rd graders part-time and serve at a homestyle Japanese restaurant in my hometown.  I’ve also added a new adventure in teaching a seasonal afterschool art class for Kindergarteners.

I wear many hats and I’ve come to know that one of the greatest dreams that came true for me is having a family. As I write this, I am amazed that I am living my ultimate dream. I have many hobbies such as taking my children to practice and watching them grow in their talents (and simply just watching them grow), admiring the beauty of nature around me, reading, writing, meeting new people and experimenting with (simple) recipes.

One of my hobbies is photography. I just love capturing the beauty of life in which God surrounds me with in nature, family, food, and people. The photos shared here are not professional. I am a mom and wife aiming to preserve the memories in everyday life in my family and share my spiritual values as a tool for my children to use as they come across the mountains and valleys of life.

Sometimes life can become routine or too busy but it is easy for me to seek God’s awesome goodness. Scriptures from the bible allows me to open my heart to God’s teachings and guidance in everyday moments whether good or bad. 2Timothy1:16,17 says: ”All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching,rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, so that the servant of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work.” Take note that I am not striving for perfection but a heart to keep embracing the journey set before me.

What I choose to share here will be more of my highs in life than my lows. Everyone goes through their ups and downs but I prefer to magnify the good things. So as much as I share the beauty that captures my heart, I just want to let you know that ‘life’ does indeed happen.

I know that I am not guaranteed tomorrow, therefore, I believe that everyday I wake up is a true gift from God, let alone every breath that I am given. With that said, I hope to bring you joy and happiness through the photos that I share on this website as well as share a profound connection to the beauty that we can sometimes take for granted in our busy, schedule-filled lives.

This can also serve as my public online life journal and may be something that my children, and grandchildren, and great-grandchildren, and so forth….can enjoy referring to in the future.

Enjoy, love, laugh, cry, roll your eyes—whatever emotion that these photos bring you to I will accept.


Myra HalpernImage

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