Day 7 Big


Puppy’s Paw

Meet our 4 month old bullador.  His paws are as big as his head in this photo.  At this time, his paws are unusually large and it seems heavy by the way he trots around the house.  He picks up each front paw and flaps it upward before slapping it back on the floor.  It’s a funny sight to see.  However, it doesn’t stop him from galloping around the yard as he fetches his favorite toy or stick.  Here’s hoping that he will grow into these monstrous paws!🐾🐾🐾

Day 6 Connect

Pool Party Inner Tubing

This was a Sunday pool party connecting with my girlfriends.  We are all busy moms and I was so thankful to take a break from house chores to participate in this gathering.  While we had a chance to catch up on this year’s new blessings, our kids had a chance to connect as well!

Day 1: Home

I first met these steps when they were an ugly dark brown.  We noticed a breathtaking mountain view and a panoramic ocean view before we entered the front door at the top of the stairs.  

All children learned to brave this steep incline. One of them rolled gracefully as we rushed to sibling’s soccer practice and I was faced with an expensive ER bill.  These steps gave them a sense of balance and surefootedness in their physical activities.

Forgetfulness forces me to work the gluteus as I tromp up and down up and down these almost perpendicular like stairs.  Grocery bags and babies (years back) upon my hip are like weights to promote a full body workout. How many times I wonder I’ve walked these steps? Almost 14 years not counting the inside stairs!  

This is home.