Day 8 Natural World

Marungay Shoot

We recently trimmed our marungay plant because it was getting too tall for us to reach the leaves.  The leaves that we use to cook and consume provide important vitamins A, B, C and more. It is rich in iron and also increases lactation in breastfeeding women. The raw leaf is bitter with a bark like earthy flavor.  However, when pulverized in a blender, the raw flavor is masked by smoothie ingredients like almond milk, yogurt, citrus and or banana and honey.  When it is cooked, it adds a nice delicate leafy texture to my favorite Filipino soupy dish.  It’s a super superfood.  The best thing about it is how comforting it is to know that I can still have a connection with my dad through the food that he cooked and put on the table when I was a child.  

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