March Photo Challenge

I began a 365 day photo challenge and it’s been fun! My camera is being well used and I hope to learn more things about it for I know that there are more features that need to be uncovered.

I retold a childhood book called The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle which I will put together in one blog post soon. Having the story helped me in getting my photos going in the month of January to February. But after the story was done, it sent me scrambling for more pictures. I was thinking of doing an all flowers theme for March but then I came across another photo challenge from iHeartFaces. I found this blog when I was searching for ‘how to take awesome fruit pics.’ If you click on my 365project link, the shot of the 4 strawberries was an idea that I got from iHeartFaces. The tutorial was very easy to follow and fun to do. I had the twins help me and they were excited to see the finished photo.

The pictures that I post for iHeartFaces will be the same pictures that I will post for my 365project. As long as I have a prompt everyday, it’ll be easier to shoot with purpose. But don’t get me wrong~random shots do help too and those shots can be plugged into some of the prompts given on the challenge. I’m sure that I have some ‘green’ pics or ‘TGIF’ photos or ‘sunset’ photos. Here is the link to my 365project:
and you can also follow it on Instagram @mchalpern.

Most of my pictures will be taken with a Nikon D5300 and my iPhone. The picture featured in this post was taken with my iPhone yesterday. The flowers at work were in full bloom and I just had to stop and take some pictures so I’m glad that I have my phone camera available most of the time.

Anyone can join in the photo challenge as well too. Check it out:

Follow along and comment if you would like to!


Enjoying the beauty~
Love and Blessings,
Mrs Halpern


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