Easy Snacks by Hulali 1

Here’s a start to Hulali’s creative snacks made by her own little hands and quoted precisely in her own words.

Banana Honey Toast

1 toast
1 banana

1. First cut the banana.

2. Then you toast the bread.
3. Then you put the bananas.

4. Then you put honey.

While Hulali was building up her snack, Mehana was mixing up some instant pudding so she got a side of chocolate pudding to go with her toast.

5. And you take out the crust. 🙂

As with all things that involve young children, even easy snack preparation requires adult supervision. We need to be there to encourage them to wash their hands before and after preparing a snack.

The only step I had to help her with was opening the honey jar and scooping out a little of honey into a cup. We’ve had talks about preventing contamination to whole jars of honey, peanut butter, jam, mayonnaise, pickles, etc. It’s a little like the double dip no-no at potlucks. We try to have them use one utensil for each spread. Also, the last thing we want is a whole jar of spread being contaminated by a licked spoon. 😛

Sometimes it takes a lot of time to teach young children how to prepare their own snacks. Things are spilt, they end up over serving themselves so food is wasted, or things are not put away and the clean-up step is overlooked. However, these are all teachable moments and great opportunities to talk to my children and see also where I need to improve as a parent.

By Mrs.Halpern 2013


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