A 6 Year Old Pair

Happy Birthday!!!

20131005-125335.jpgToday I celebrate in joy for Hulali’s and Malino’s 6th year of life. They will always be my babies in my heart. All my children will always be my babies. Being a mother of 6 year old twins and four children has led me to appreciate this journey in my life. I might not show appreciation for what I have at times due to lack of patience or sleep but God shows His mercies always at the right time. Children have a way of bringing out the best in us and even the worst! They are a new creation everyday as they are still learning about their surroundings. They are true gifts from God. Find the time to seek God in our children. God will show up in their actions and in what they say.

Knee Hug

“Happy Birthday!”, I tell a squinting, sleepy eyed Malino. “Is this the fifth day of October?”, she asked in a groggy morning voice. “Yes,” I tell her. Then she smiled, stretched out her arms and hugged me where I was resting on the couch and she crawled in the blanket and cuddled next to me.

Before I could tell Hulali happy birthday, she had let Lily out of her crate, she put her leash on and took her outside. After Malino had made her way into the blanket to cuddle, Hulali and Lily stormed up the stairs through the kitchen door. Hulali gladly announced Lily’s outdoor accomplishments. I said, “Happy Birthday Hulali!” “What did you get us?”, she asked.

After giving a brief lesson about manners, I quickly went into the other room to put their presents together. They each received some polka dotted butterfly wings for their Halloween costume, some princess head bands and purses. They had found some See’s lollipops that their Aunty had given them and I didn’t feel like telling them that they had to eat breakfast first. Happy birthday girls! Lollipops for breakfast!


20131005-125136.jpgYou know they’re growing up when:
-Malino stops sucking on her fingers.
-They are able to fix their own snack.
-They are able to dress themselves.
-They carry their own backpacks.
-They don’t want me to walk them to their class.

“But women will be preserved through the bearing of children if they continue in faith and love and sanctity with self-restraint.”-1 Timothy 2:15
Thank You Lord for Hulali & Malino…
By Mrs. Halpern 2013


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