Saying Farewell to September

After finally adjusting to morning routines, I then approach Fall Intercession. During this brief rest from work and homework woes, I hope to attack the clutter that has been added to our usual clutter after abandoning it when Lily came into our lives. Maybe plan a day at the beach and coffee or lunch with a friend…or even just relaxing and doing absolutely nuh-thing but read a book all day or something…haha(dreaming)!…or perhaps just do something spontaneously? Yes. That’s always fun!

Some September highlights:
My friend Ala planned a surprise party for her husband’s 50th birthday at the Wainaku Executive Center. We’ve known Troy for quite some time now. He coached our son when he was in U6 and U12 soccer and is the current assistant coach for the high school soccer team that Mehana plays for. He and Casey work together as far as supplying the restaurant with his farm products or providing manpower for catering. Ala is my schoolmate. We went to the same high school and we had mutual friends. I remember Ala as a vivacious and popular social butterfly. Beautiful in every way, her welcoming embrace makes everyone’s day. A positive spirit always. We both have children similar in age and they get along well at gatherings and get-togethers. They both have awesome families and they have one awesome family together and that is one of the many reasons why I love being around them so much! Happy Birthday Troy!


Nana hosted a potluck after a Volcano run for Mehana and the high school’s cross country team. The runners braved the cold and ran to and through the nearby Volcano’s National Park and back. By the time they came back (an hour and 45m later), the roads dried up and the sun presented itself.



While the the athletes were on foot, I needed to pick up a few bags of ice at the village store. Again, you can’t expect me to just get ice at your local convenience store! I might just find some awesome local products in the aisles!


Local businesses have the best selection of local made products.


Boiled eggs


And I just love the simple artsy concrete leaf print designs.


Seeds of Yesterday

I got to reconnect with one of my preschool students. I am so thankful that I get to see some of my previous students grow up to be wonderful and respectable teenagers and I look forward to seeing them succeed as adults.

While we were all feeding on potluck goodies, I receive a text from a soccer parent announcing that Urban had scored a goal and that they were ahead of the other team. It was the same team that they played the weekend before and I was complaining about the referee. I received another text later from another parent announcing their victory!

Thanks Nana again for your hospitality!

Shoe Party!



The early mornings are beginning to get cooler. On one particular morning, it rained. And it continued to do so while I dropped off the kids at school so when I went home to get ready for work, I decided to wear a quarter sleeve shirt, tights, and boots. By the time I had to leave for work, it was blazing hot! So off went the boots and on went the flats.


I’ve been slowly letting go of my little boy by allowing him to make his own decisions as far as what extra-curricular activities to pursue. I am retired from the ‘he has no choice’ mentality. Of course there are some things that shouldn’t be his choice but as far as encouraging him to pursue his own moral goals, I want him to feel like he has the power to make it happen. So I let him leave the basketball court to honor his decision to fully concentrate on soccer. He picked chess when I let him choose an Edventure after school activity. He decided on his own to enroll in a math enrichment course called ALEKS and he just recently joined K-Kids which is an offspring from Kiwanis, a leadership service club.

Do You Remember Being a Cafeteria Monitor?


With all the children in extra curricular activities, Casey and I and sometimes Nana need to split our duties on Saturdays. So far everything has worked wonders. One of us in Waimea, one at the twins games and another at a race. Although I do wish that I could be in three places at the same time (only God can do that), I am very fortunate to have such supporting parents on his soccer team. Actually all my children have really great friends with parents who offer support and I just can’t help but think how great it is to be a part of an awesome community! Furthermore, I just can’t do it by myself anymore so I stand grateful. I think there are a couple of rare weekends out of this season where we will all be able to make it to the twin’s soccer game, Urban’s game, and Mehana’s race.

Mehana came in 1st place in the last race in September. She beat her own time on this course once more in 21m and 16s with her running partner behind her this time. It’s like they’re taking turns or something. They probably talk to each other during the race (no sweat)
“You go.”
“No-you go.”
“No-I insist-you this time.”
“Okay fine-bye!”
It was a sight to see Mehana finish in this way. I can imagine how great it feels to be able to break the tape at the end of a race. When I asked her how it felt to break that finish line tape, she responded with a simple answer. “Good,” she said nonchalantly.

After Mehana’s race, Urban & I headed over to Parker Ranch soccer fields for his Saturday game. They’ve been doing well, pretty much up and up with their opponents. They lost last weekend to this team but the tables were turned today.


Nana and the Girls at Pana’ewa Zoo

The twins helped their friend Aelani celebrate her 6th birthday and Aelani’s brother’s 5th birthday at a house they call Honoli’i House. It’s a peaceful setting on the side of the river that leads to Hilo’s most popular surf spot. A water slide was set up on the grassy flat for the kids to enjoy. Adults used a slippery cement inclined plane to launch a kayak or paddle off with a surfboard. The ladies conversed and floated in inner tubes or foam boards atop the nippy green river waters.



My best friend from L.A. was in town for a brief time so we made it to the Downtown Ho’olaule’a for the last hour and a half.

My Best Friend and I

Free Music and Some Free Time20130930-190546.jpg

Aloha September! Appreciating the journey…

Love and Blessings Always to all!


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