Week In Review

Saturday 9-14-13
Despite the strategy of pacing themselves in the first two miles, Mehana and Carmen took off in the beginning of the third mile to finish in the top ten. Nana, Casey, and the girls made it to the race while I drove to Waimea for Urbans first HYSA game. The twins’ game ended at about 10 so I told myself, “If I leave now, Urban will be there on time to warm up.” He had to be there at 11:20am. I had to take Casey’s truck since my check engine light is on and it seems like the automatic shifter is acting up or hopefully it’s not the transmission. Well what would I expect from a 12 year old vehicle anyway?

As we continued on our trip to Waimea, Urban needed to make a pit stop at Tex Drive In. So while I waited for him in the truck, I thought I should check my email to make sure that 11:20 was the exact time he needed to be there.

:-0 The ‘GAME’ actually began at 11:20! I had incorrectly read it the evening before! I gasped, told Urban the situation when he got back into the truck and called one of his teammates parents and told him to relay the message to the coach that Urban was not gonna be there for warm-ups and that he will get there probably as the game begins.
I apologized to Urban and at first I thought he was gonna be disappointed but he was actually calm and not stressed about it.

Self Talk Abuse:
How in the world could I have read my email wrong? How could I let this haaappen?! Doooork!
Then I thought…
It’s gonna be okaaaay! I just didn’t take the time to read the entire email. I looked at the first time on the email and put it in my mind that that was the arrival time. It haaappens! Urban was gonna miss warm ups and he wasn’t gonna get to start but I was sure that he was eventually gonna be put on the field.

I had Urban try to do some simple upper body warm-ups in the passenger seat. He rapidly rolled his arms on the side of him like the wheels of a train as if he was approaching the finish line of a race. He reclined his chair and did some crunches and leg lifts. It was a funny sight and I chuckled to tears at his effort. “Hawww! Now I’m tired!”, he joked. And I said, “Nope! You don’t know tired right now. You better start visualizing and put yourself on the field right now. You’re gonna be playing some tough teams this season so you can’t be tired. I don’t want to see you moping onto the field. Don’t give up. No walking. Do your best!”
We were passing between the town centers and drove through the intersection where the Parker Ranch fields were less than two minutes away.

We drove in to the dry and dusty parking lot. The wind was carrying dirt particles across the dirt road and vehicles entering and exiting did not allow the whirlwind of rusty brown swirls to settle. I parked and he jumped out and ran through the road and he swiftly made his way around the perimeter of the field to his team. He was able to warm up a little with one of his teammates. We got there about 3 minutes into the game. The team worked really hard. They were making clean passes and they had lots of opportunities to score. The other team was aggressive. They weren’t just leaning which was a legal thing to do in the game. But some elbows were out and one of them even had their hand on someone’s shoulder in hopes to slow down our player. Toward the end of the game, the ref began making sensible calls to their lack of clean play. At one time, the ref had called a foul. He blew the whistle and the player proceeded to intentionally kick the soccer ball at one of our players. In my opinion, he should have been carded for his action. “CARD’EM!!!”, I yelled. “So disrespectful!” I added loud and clear. Uh-oh…my mouth again :-]! Believe me I’m not referee material but I can see unclean play when it happens. And whatever perspective the ref sees is the rightful call. …I guess…

In HYSA games, the players and coaches of both teams are situated on one side line and ALL the parents are situated on the opposite sideline of the field. So after my blurt out, I gave myself a warning that that kid’s parent might be right next to me! So making sure not to look back or to the side, I kept my gaze forward toward the game. Our team lost 5-1. Urban scored the first goal of the season. Defense was tight in the first half and not sure what happened in the 2nd half. Thankfully I didn’t get a bloody lip from a mystery parent and Urban now knows the challenges that he will need to face this season. He will be strengthened and humbled at the same time & I’ll have more opportunities to work on keeping my mouth shut! 🙂 “Mom they were pushing…”, Urban expressed to me as we walked to the truck. “But I didn’t give up,” he proudly added. And I said, “Yeah-I saw that…you’re okay right?” He nods his head and smirks. We get to the truck and he slips off his shoes, socks, and shin guards and puts on his slippers. I put my arm around his shoulders to walk him back to where his friend was waiting. “Phew!”, I thought. I was still taller than him…but not for much longer…He joined his friends to ride back to Hilo to watch the UH men’s soccer game that afternoon and I had a peaceful drive back home. Yaaay!

Sunday 9-15-13
On Friday the 13th Lily had her 3rd parvo shot. This time we took her to the vet. Besides the parvo vaccine, she also got a lepto vaccine and the vet had done a physical examination including a stool culture. Before the vaccines, the vet gave her an antihistamine since she had a bad reaction to the last shot that we had administered ourselves.

20130921-003149.jpgLily was very well-mannered at her first vet visit and she took the shots very well. Her stool sample came back positive for hookworms so we had to administer those treatment pills the day after her shot. She only had one meal on Saturday and she was a bit sick but not as bad as the last time. We also left her outside so the in house mess was spared. She was also in good spirits and still ran and played with the kids despite her symptoms.

Today, I decided to do the baby food meal since she hadn’t eaten since the previous morning. She slurped the watered down beef liquid within minutes so I gave her a cup of dry food in which she kept down throughout the day. I also was able to give her heart worm prevention medication which she gladly devoured like it was some super loaded training snack. I was also told to administer Benadryl for her comfort and severe allergic reactions but she picked the pill out of her soupy food and spit it out even after I tried putting it back in twice. I tried to put it in a bunch of training snacks but again she was able to distinguish it from her snacks and she spit it out.

I had expressed a concern about her eating her eliminations so the vet gave me something to put in her food to take care of the problem. It was a powdery substance that I was to put in her food twice a day for 5 days. Apparently, eating her own #2 is a behavioral problem so when she eats the powdery substance, she’ll then eat her yucky pile, and whatever is in the powdery substance will make it taste horrible which will eventually give her the message that she shouldn’t eat it anymore.

Some good news I got from the vet was that she was already 19lbs and I could eliminate a 3rd feeding now. So that meant I had to only deal with a feeding in the morning and another in the evening. She’s been wetting her crate less now and she is getting better about giving us a cue on when she has to go outside.

Thursday 9-19-13
Hulali is staying home from school today for being feverish. 102 degrees as the highest. She was complaining of neck pain, she wasn’t eating, and she rested the whole day. She had no other symptoms but fever and a sore neck. Her sore neck could mean a sore throat. The doctor advised me to keep an eye on her because strep throat was going around. It’s unusual for her to be inactive and resting but maybe that’s just what her body needed to do. (Rest). She was on Tylenol from Wednesday evening to Thursday evening.

Whenever she feels under the weather she requests homemade tea. I make a tea packed with turmeric, ginger, lime, and honey. “Turmeric-it’s an anti-inflammatory,” Casey always says.

Disclaimer: At anytime that your child is sick, the first thing you must do is check with his/her doctor. I’m not a doctor. Home remedies shared here are recipes that have worked for my family and I. Everyone is different. Again please check with your doctor first.

Turmeric Tea

Powdered or fresh turmeric root


Boil some hot water.
In a mortar or glass jar, squeeze two slices of lemon and drop it in the mortar or jar.

20130921-004152.jpgAdd 1/2 inch slices of ginger. Add 1 Tbsp honey and 1/4 tsp turmeric. Muddle ingredients together with a pestle and add a little tap water. Pour into mug or glass jar. Add cold water till jar is half full. Fill jar with boiling water, mix and let steep for about 15m. Strain and serve.


*Good News: The spark plugs in the truck just needed to be replaced-Thank You Lord!

Friday 9-20-13
I missed two days of work and Hulali missed two days of school but it’s okay because we got to spend time with each other (one on one). I got to take a closer look at someone who is almost turning 6 years old. I was admiring her eyebrows and ran my index finger on each brow to comfort her aching head as I Iay next to her. When the twins were first born my mom noticed that the girls didn’t have any eyebrows. There was a faint line of hair that you could only see if you were right up to their faces. Now their eyebrows are grown and Malino has eyebrows shaped like Casey’s and Hulali has eyebrows shaped like mine.



Spending time together can sometimes mean sharing germs! I began to feel sick yesterday with chills and a tummy ache so I pumped myself up with green tea. For more details on the health benefits of green tea you may go here. With some sleep and sweat, I feel much much better. Thank You Lord… It’s early Saturday morning and now I can’t go to sleep…too much tea :] !

The weekend is jam packed and
waiting for me. Here we go!



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