Happy Labor Day Weekend 2013

Cross Country season has begun. The first meet of the season was held at HPA. Mehana finished in 2nd in 21:51, right behind her running partner Carmen. Their team took second place overall,16 points away from HPA. Her finishing time is the fastest she ran on this course. In high altitude, hot, dry, and cold,windy, dusty weather, this course is deemed the most difficult out of all Big Island courses.


Team! 2nd Place


After the race, the twins were hungry so we decided to meet Mehana later on at Parker Ranch Center. I’ve always passed this crackseed store in Waimea and wanted to look in but I never did due to time constraints, limited parking space, or the eagerness to drive back home. I almost passed by again but because there was a wide gap in oncoming traffic and open parking spaces, I quickly made a left turn into the one way lot and parked. I walked in and was greeted by an awesome selection of things that you would find at a craft fair like locally made soaps, aloha shirts, aprons, etc. I quickly whizzed by since I knew what I was looking for. In the middle of the store was a wide array of mouth-watering dried preserved plums, guava, lemon peel, red dyed pickled mango, mango seed packed in clear bags and the bulk in wide, thick, large glass jars and heavy glass covers. These were Hawai’i’s cookie jars filled with sweet and salty goodness. The twins distracted me with their requests and wants for candy. While they were deciding on what candy to pick, I found the back of the store filled with kitchen supplies. Casey would have loved to see the selection of specialty knives. I quickly took a picture of the Wusthof knives neatly lined up in a cabinet with a glass door. The girls got a Push-pop each and I picked out some seedless cherry and tamarind wrapped in thin yellow cellophane (which I call Filipino candy). But this package was made in Thailand.
•check out the crackseed store (check)!

With the Parker Ranch Center parking lot crowded and crawling motorcycle convoys, it was evident that I was in the midst of Labor Day weekend. Motorcycles parked two per parking space in neat rows with some helmets atop the handlebars and leaning on its kickstand.


As I was ordering lunch at the Village Burger Waimea, Mehana walked in, sports bag over her shoulder and her running jersey still on. With a sign in front of the cash register, the tea was the chef’s recommendation: Mala’ai (the culinary garden of Waimea Middle School) Simply Herbs Iced Tea with lemongrass, Hawaiian Mamaki, Moroccan mint, and Mexican Tarragon. We got our iced tea and waited for our order in the back side of the center on a circular concrete table with two curved benches. The food court tables and the tables in front were all taken. Mehana pointed out a bruised big toe. She needs bigger shoes!

20130902-025615.jpgOn days when we’re rushing to get home or when we need to budget, we share an order of truffle fries and order strawberry shakes (1 per two people) on the drive back home.

I got home in time to get Urban prepared for soccer practice and to get the feedback from Casey on Lily’s obedience training. She’s already exhibiting great progress. She sits on command very well! We’re still working on stand, down, and come. …and the house training-especially for #1. I think this is the cleanest our floors have been. There is clutter still but the floors are awesome! The constant mopping and all-thanks Lily! 🙂

The twins and I decided to take Lily for a walk and watch Urban practice. I kept on having to yank her leash since she felt uncomfortable in unfamiliar territory. However, she did jump into the stream not once, not twice, but three times! Thank goodness for the leash because it kept me from having to jump into the murky frog filled stream!



Sunday morning church via Pastor Sheldon:
“God warns us for our good.”
“The Lord’s loving kindnesses indeed never cease, For His compassions never fail. They are new every morning; Great is Your faithfulness. “The Lord is my portion,” says my soul, “Therefore I have hope in Him.” The Lord is good to those who wait for Him, To the person who seeks him.”-Lamentations 3:22-25

We had our Labor Day eve dinner in Volcano at Nana’s house. Hamburgers, Hot Dogs on Punalu’u buns, baked beans, Loeffler Corn, Pasta Salad, Fruit
Nana’s Homemade Ice cream and Chocolate Cake for dessert. This was Lily’s first trip out to Volcano. She yelped in her crate in the back of the truck for most of the way so we let her ride in the cab with us on the way back home. Ahhh! What a spoiled doggy! 🙂




Happy Labor Day!

Copyright 2013 Myra Halpern
All Rights Reserved



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