Aloha Thursday


Day 29: A Beautiful Mess 30 Day Self Portrait Challenge

Title: Mandatory Break


I was scheduled to begin work at 10:30am. At about 9:45, the nurse from school called to say that Malino has a headache and is crying. She had no fever. No tummy ache. The nurse let me talk to Malino on the phone, but once I said, “Hi Malino,” her voice cracked and she sounded inconsolable. So I told the health nurse that I’ll get ready and leave soon.

I arrived at the health room just as recess was beginning. Malino was holding an ice pack on the left side of her head. I sat next to her and gave her a hug and started asking questions.

“Is your tummy sore?”
Shook her head.

“Do you feel like throwing up?”
Shook her head.

“How was your spelling test?”

“How’d you do?”

“Want a Cliff Bar?”
Nods her head.

She ate 1/3 of the bar and took some sips off juice. So I sit with her and she is ready to walk back to her class before the recess bell rings.

Her teachers said that she just started crying and they thought it was because she couldn’t finish her worksheet. But she just started crying because her head was hurting so her teacher walked her to the health room. After making sure that she was fine to go on with her day and asking for permission to sit out at P.E., I said good-bye to Malino and her teachers and headed to work maybe about 25 steps away to the next building. One advantage of working and being a parent at my kids’ school is that the teachers have an easier time in finding me in these situations.

We’ve had a busy week from Monday to Thursday. My busyness is again getting the best of me. Malino must have been tired of the constant rushing around.

From Monday-Thursday:
“Get uuuup!”

“Use the bathroom! C’mon change your clothes!”

“Let’s do your hair!”

“Grab an apple-grab your sandwich-get in the car!”

“Hurry up!”

“Put on your soccer stuff!”

“Did you make your water?”

“Take the puppy out!”

“Wipe up the mess!”

“Take down your forts!”

“Put your toys away!”

“Okay-get in the shower!”

“Finish your dinner!”

“Brush your teeth!”

“Time for bed!”

“Do your reading log!”

“Where’s your homework?”

….where did my patience go?…

My patience went to the puppy. My patience went to the driver that I let go in front of me. My patience went to the child whom I assist in the classroom. My patience went to the store cashier. My patience went to the bill collector. My patience went to the person standing in front of me in line. My patience went to the dishes in the sink. My patience went to the child who talks back. My patience went to the child who forgot his homework. It went to the child who needed help in spelling. My patience went to the 3 hour meeting. It went to the phone call from the health nurse then went to Malino and her headache. My patience went to the child who needed an after school snack. It went to the dirty puppy crate. Patience lives in me even when I have a hard time waiting.

And all I can say is thank you Lord for your unlimited source of grace and please forgive me when I do not use it wisely. Amen.

Malino needed a much needed break. I needed a break. She made it through the rest of the school day, took a break from P.E. and I made it to work on time.
It’s Aloha Thursday for me. My 4 day weekend has begun. Thank You Lord!

Copyright 2013 Myra Halpern
All Rights Reserved


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