I Can’t Believe It’s Not Guacamole!

One Sunday afternoon, our friend Matt came by and blessed us with a dozen avocados. The avocados were firm, smooth, and dark green in color. On Thursday, I noticed that they needed encouragement in ripening so into a brown paper bag they went. They ripened quickly and I was prepared to bake on Sunday.


My mom once made me a snack of chopped avocado drizzled with condensed milk. It was milky, creamy, and very sweet but I remember with every bite, I was trying to figure out the weak pungency of those green blocks. Probably craving and hungry for a snack, I kept eating it. But it wasn’t something that caused me to tantrum if I didn’t have it. But that was my first taste of the avocado.

I’ve always wanted to make an avocado pie and so I searched for avocado pie recipes on the web. While I searched for the recipes, I ate a whole avocado. With the fruit still in its skin and pitted, I cross-sliced it, sprinkled salt and pepper over the top, drizzled some Tabasco and poured some soy sauce into the well where the seed was and scooped it out of the shell and ate it. Another variation is garlic, chili pepper flakes or Sriracha with Braggs in place of the Soy Sauce and Tabasco.

I found a recipe that said to me,”This is a really great recipe for a crust.” Another that said, “Try me-try me!” And yet another, “Ooh-you won’t be disappointed if you pick me.” So there I was bookmarking the three recipes that stuck out like treasures found amid a cluttered internet feed.

From what I found got me more excited than ever to begin these pies. I hadn’t even gone shopping yet. All of the three recipes called for condensed milk! One of the recipes included a recipe for a graham cracker crust so I used that crust for all three pies. One recipe also had directions to use a springform pan but I only had 8 inch glass pie dishes so that is what I used. Actually, I ended up making two round pies and one square one using an 8×8 inch square Pyrex baking dish.


The first filling I made was the recipe from Kirbie’s Cravings a San Diego Food blog. What caught my eye was their use of Chobani Greek Yogurt. I brought it to my hula ministry sisters the following evening and shared this creamy adventure in a pie dish. With positive reports and empty paper plates, here are some words born out of their taste buds: “Good.” “Different.” “Creamy.” “Yummy.” “Delicious.” “Avocado-ey.” Also got some head nods and mmmmm’s when I mentioned Chobani Greek Yogurt. I’m not sure where I went wrong but the filling didn’t set as firmly as I expected it to but it’s okay because this pie was really close to my first meeting with my very first avocado and condensed milk snack.

The second filling that I made was from Spoonful.com. The filling included cream cheese, lime, salt, and of course, condensed milk. This was quite an excitement at the workplace. I shared it with the ladies in the classroom and again was blessed with positive reviews. Also, it was a hot topic during work, but enough already! Back to work! 🙂

The third filling that I made from foodnetwork.com was a bit similar to the previous one mentioned but this recipe included lemon as well. And it was the lucky occupant of the square dish. It was a favorite in our house. With hints of lemon and lime and the salty and crunchy texture of the graham cracker crust, it served as a quick breakfast, an afternoon snack by itself or topped with whipped cream, or a midnight snack ala mode with Haagen Dazs Vanilla Ice Cream topped with whipped cream. It was a brief pick me up in between chores and running errands as I would open the fridge with spoon in hand, uncover the plastic wrap, spoon up a big mouth sized piece of pie, chomp, cover, and shut the fridge door eyes closed in deep in my taste buds walking away with satisfaction and a gait of a young child.

One suggestion that I do have is to be sure to finish off the pie within three days after filling sets. Otherwise, the crust might get soggy or the avocado starts turning color or sour. This goes for all three pies. I think this pie is meant to be eaten at once.

These treasures that I found has brought me back to the comfort of my childhood days. I thank my mom for introducing this exotic and fabulous fruit called avocado and I used to think that condensed milk was a rather strange condiment to add to it but after researching and making these pies, I’ve come to realize that I had eaten the raw form of a pie filling. So to acquire the taste of a a sweetened milky avocado might be something new and adventurous for someone, it might just be like an old friend visiting for another! I’m also thankful for my hula sisters, my coworkers, and my family for being the taste testers in my simple recipe experiments. Hey Yo! It really isn’t guacamole!

Copyright 2013 Myra Halpern
All Rights Reserved



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