Quick recap of My Week


Day 16: A Beautiful Mess 30 Day Self Portrait Challenge

Title: In My Sister’s House


After 27 years of renting a home, my sister became a homeowner herself in June. There was a lot of cleaning, moving, garage sale-ing, and settling in the past several months.

My older sister is a very significant role model in my life. She raised me from when I was a 12 year old pre-teener until I was an adult. As I look back in the rear view mirror of my life, I am amazed and forever grateful that she made such a decision to do so at the young age of 22 years old. She was working and going to college. …and she still had the strength to take me in and rescue me as I was in the throes of my mother’s perilous illness and my pre-teen rebellion. My father was relieved of his duties as he was aging and did the best that he could to support my mom. I do not only thank my dad for his bravery but also to my sister who endured the volatile effects of my dysfunctional family life and all the while longing to achieve an identity in my teenage years. She made every effort to keep my life functional and worthwhile even when I didn’t give her the respect and appreciation that she so rightfully deserved.

My sister inquired about blessing her house so I called the church to help her make an appointment. She felt that this was something that needed to be done-to rid the things that should not be there and to have it fully blessed by a Pastor. The house blessing was on Friday and the Pastor blessed her house walking to each and every room praying and anointing the rooms with the Holy Spirit. She also prayed for and anointed the people living in the house including their puppy!

My Sister and Pastor Marsha: House Blessing


On Wednesday, we went to our 3 younger children’s Open House.
Here is Hulali’s portrait of our family:


Malino’s Family Portrait and Science Inquiry




Urban’s Personal Tear-Jerker Newsletter

I’ve always wondered how great of an impact it was for my two older children to become an older sibling but this newsletter says it all and answers my question. I will always wonder about how our decisions in our family life can affect the life of our children. Sometimes God speaks through our children. Sometimes, answers to our questions and prayers don’t come at that expected moment but eventually, it does arrive at the very right moment. God-He has impeccable timing!

My Niece & I (In My Sister’s House)


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