Puppies, Pals, & Play Dates


Day 11: A Beautiful Mess 30 Day Self Portrait Challenge

Title: Random Sunday Selfie


My sister who owns a 10 week old Jack Russel mix (Pixie) had called me early in the morning to schedule a puppy play date. We met at 3PM and I also invited my friend who has a 6 month old male boxer (Gunner).

It was interesting to see how the puppies had to slowly get used to their new social environment. They were surprised to discover each other as they kept pulling back and finding comfort in their owners. When we decided to let them loose, we could see that they still needed time to get to know each other. Lily had her tail between her legs but we could tell that she was still excited to see a similar creature in plain view. Pixie was acting out in defense as Lily playfully nipped and pounced at her new friend. So we decided to have them sniff each other out on opposite sides of the fence and then came back on the same side of the fence with both dogs on a leash held by its owner.

Gunner was much bigger than his two female pals so for safety reasons, we kept him on a leash for the entire play date. It was nice to see that Pixie and Lily took a liking to Gunner but whenever Gunner made a move toward his younger friends, they winced back and retreated to the safety of their owner.

In less than 30 minutes into the doggy get-together, Pixie and Lily were playful and more comfortable being together all the while as they sneak-sniffed Gunner from time to time. Gunner so badly wanted to get in on the fun but we all agreed that we’d have to wait till Pixie and Lily were a little bit more older and grown to let them all run around loose in the yard.

It was an extreme joy to see the doggies get along fine and just to see how important it is for dogs to have their own social arena as well.

In the same way, we humans have a way of sniffing each other out. It isn’t comfortable for everyone to just come together for the very first time. One has to seek out and get to know the other person. We do that by being kind to each other, asking questions, listening, and making time for each other. Within the world of social networks, it’s often difficult to see the real person behind the picture. We must take the time to get to know each other in person and in plain view to really see the true character of every unique human being.

Take The Time To Get To Know Each Other


Do Nooot Even Kiss Me!


Three’s A Crowd


Let’s Just Get Along Now


Hi Gunner!


Gunner’s Mommy Lily’s Mommy


Dev was inquiring about our pit/lab (Margarita). So I told her that we had buried her in the hapu’u garden in the front corner of our chain-linked fence. So we were reminiscing about how Margarita was just a puppy when she and her husband had just met. Casey and I along with 4 year old Mehana used to house sit a little house on 13 acres of pasture land with river access 3.5 miles up on Kaiwiki Road. It is quite a ways up that narrow and windy road and to think that they decided to meet each other in such a way just makes me feel all bubbly happy to have been a part of a great beginning! And here they are 12 years later-married with children + 1 doggy.
What a blessed Sunday it was-Thank You Lord!

It’s All Good Now ๐Ÿ™‚


Copyright 2013 Myra Halpern
All Rights Reserved


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