Mid-Week Wednesday


Day 7: A Beautiful Mess 30 day Self Portrait Challenge

Title: Random Selfie


Urban Autographing Back To School Forms


Casual Wednesday Work Day


A Rainbow a Day From Monday to Wednesday


Saw My Friend Tammie (College Classmates and Smoke Meat Connection)


Our View of the Bay


Beautiful Day!


Wednesday Highlight: Yummy malasada from one of my students. Oh that hit the spot!

Lily is in this nippy-nappy phase and it’s getting the girls nervous being around her. She seems to like their swingy dresses and skirts and shiny footwear. The girls might be making Lily nervous with all their screeching and fast jumpy movements. So I try to have them settle down when she gets into the habit of nipping.

Casey suggested putting her on her back with a palm over her stomach and chest with a firm “no.” That works but I get irritated doing that over and over again. Another thing that works: take her outside and play with her where there’s lots of open space to run and play with her chew toys. This nipping phase needs to be nipped in the bud dontcha think so? She enjoys being outside and don’t we all?

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