Shooting Star

Day 5: A Beautiful Mess 30 day Self Portrait Challenge

Title: Early Bird Buddies


One of the great things about having a puppy is waking up early in the dark morning hours to let her out to relieve herself. I could look at it as a disadvantage to not getting enough sleep but I’ve always wanted to be a morning person. When I take her out, I’m greeted by the peaceful and quiet pre-dawn of the morning.

On this particular morning, the stars were out and I had time to stargaze. And to the right, a star flashed and shot out disappearing into the distant cluster of the astronomical multitude.

Lily, satisfied and relieved, tapped her dew wet paws on my slippered feet and broke my sense of awe as she bounced her way back toward the door. I was able to begin my day early and stress free.

The children were up by six, did their morning duties and ate breakfast with none of my “hurry up” requests and we were out the door by 7:20am. One thing that I had to do differently was stand on a step stool to help Urban gel his hair. He has definitely grown over the summer break. Wow-I didn’t need a stool last year….I had time to walk each child to their classroom. No rushing and no breakfast in the car. That was a pretty awesome Monday morning!




I hope that I can have more stress free and worry free mornings like this. Tomorrow will be a little different as the teenager begins her school year as a junior in high school!

Copyright 2013 Myra Halpern
All Rights Reserved


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