Awwww…..How cuuuute!

Day2: A Beautiful Mess 30 day Self Portrait Challenge

Title: Awwww…How Cuuuuute!


I was resting after a 4 hour work day and driving the kids to haircut appointments and afternoon practice. I heard Casey walk through the door and down the hallway and I bolted up, opened the door, and….”awwww-how cuuuute!”

He was cradling an 8week old bundle of marshmallowy, pungent smelly, cotton-bally, white as lilies bundle of cuteness in his arms! “Happy Anniversary to us!”, he said in a melodic tone of voice. I went up to kiss her and caress her silky white coat. Her ears are slightly pink, her nose black, damp, and cold and her eyes are patched with brown.

As her soft puppy features captivated my heart, here are the other things that I was rapidly thinking in split seconds:

There goes my camera fund–it’s okay I’ll survive.
Another mouth to feed—the Lord will provide.
Vet bills—we will need to budget
Scooping poop—Urban
Shi-shi smell—bathe the dog, rinse the kennel, the rain will help.
Dog smell—bathe doggy
Toilet training—oh my…
Obedience training…oh dear…
There goes the braces fund…budget, budget
How’re we going to go on vacations?…we ‘ll find someone to dog sit.
I gotta take her to the vet—just worry about that when the time comes.
I’m gonna have to take her for a walk and when she poops then I’m gonna have to pick up her poop!—oh get over it-it’ll be humbling to do that and I can get out and exercise!
We were dander freeeeee!…not anymore!

Of course I let her cuteness overpower the many things to consider and furthermore how this American Bulldog was placed in our care to a busy family is just out of our league and outrageous. It’s been a little over a year since our Pit/Lab left this world and it really was a sad day. A dog’s life is too short and I remember regretting not having enough time with her due to our busy schedules.

And here I am cuddling a mini bouquet of Lily. Yesterday she brought a different kind of vibe into our home. The children were alive with emotion and it was a somewhat familiar sound in the house. It was the sound of like having a new baby in the house. Yeah that’s what it sounded like….the only difference was that I didn’t give birth hahaha! And this baby has no diaper!

But they exhibit care, compassion, and responsibility and joy. They love how she snores. Urban can’t stand when she cries in her crate. He feels sad for her. Mehana is really the responsible sibling sitter and she’s alert and attentive to Lily’s every move. The twins have been observant and inquiring in everything and I can surely count on them to tell on her as far as toileting and unwanted puppy behavior like chewing on furniture or nipping.

There are so many things to be done. The children have new responsibilities and I am given a second chance to be a better dog owner. We, as a family, welcome the challenge and we’ll do it together. Lily, welcome to the Halpern family!



Copyright 2013 Myra Halpern
All Rights Reserved


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