Number 15


Day1: A Beautiful Mess 30 day Self Portrait Challenge

Title: Number 15

It’s a great day to kick off this photo challenge. Casey and I celebrate 15 years of marriage on this special day. We’ve survived our 20s together. We survived through 3 births. We survived through many heartaches and pulled through our early 30s. I am looking forward to the many joys to have with this person right beside me. Casey has been my very best friend since the day we met. He loves me for who I am and he’s one person that I can always count on. He is the one who listens to me when my thoughts don’t make it into my journal! And I admire him for that and that is one of the things that I had seen in him from the first day. Casey is a great listener. He’s a lot of great in my life. Thank you Lord for my husband Casey.

1Corinthians13:8 “Love never fails.”


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