Last Blast in July was more than OK

Summer Break Milestones:

After a fun-filled and adventurous trip to O’ahu and meeting up with family, we returned home and discovered that Malino was not in need of the comfort she once had from pacifying on her ring and middle finger. I guess she was having such a great time spending time with her cousins from Texas that she forgot about it.

Urban was enjoying his time with his dad as well on the rental boards at Waikiki and he finished the select season with his team as they were granted the Sportsmanship Award for the Volcano Tournament.

Hulali and Malino are still on training wheels but they have mastered the hula hoop shaking their little hips around and around to keep that big ring from falling to the ground. Fall AYSO season has begun and the girls are getting to know their dad and his coaching demeanor.

Mehana finished 3 PIPES (Pacific Internship Program of Exploring Science) Manowai o Hanakahi camps held in Big Island forests, mountains, caves, marine life, and natural reserves.
She has kept up her running but was forced to rest after knee pain from overuse and an ankle sprain from a soccer game. She is back on the asphalt as Cross Country practice began on Tuesday.

Casey and I had a date night/catering job at the OK Farms 20th Anniversary Deck Party. OK Farms is located on Amauulu Road and specializes in coffee, citrus, mac nut, and heart of palm. According to Ala Keolanui, wife of OK Farms proprietor, what started out as just a little party 20 years ago, this get together has grown numbering in about 300 people. This appreciation event boasted awesome views of Wailuku River and with hot and muggy and a little bit of rainy weather, it didn’t stop the feeling good attendees from getting up on the grassy terrain of a dance floor. Entertainment consisted of Hawaiian music, Tahitian dance and Hilo’s Vizion 20/20 and included a wide array of local made pupus, Hawaiian food, salads, and an open bar on deck and Ka’u Coffee samplers. Children had many an opportunity to take advantage of the jumping castle and water slide inflatables.

Many a laughter, many a smile
A part with friends -goodbye July!







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All Rights Reserved


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