I am so thankful that Tropical Storm Flossie decided to make its brief appearance in a gentle manner. I spent part of the day peeling off the X’d out windows. Some peeled off easily than others. We have a new window design on the ones that decided to stay stubbornly attached. I’ll call it “The Flossie Edition”.

I decided to make use of the candles that I had splurged on. We set up a candle lit dinner with Kalua Pork Nachos, guacamole, and salsa.

Turning out the lights and being oh so careful not to trip over or step on some toys in minimal lighting, I made my way to the table and sat down for Hulali’s blessing upon dinner. “Dear Heavenly Father Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you for this food and I hope it is good. Amen.”

Simple dinner. Fancy lighting. Cool breeze coming through the window. Everyone is home. What a great way to close my summer vacation! I am already having a good feeling about my first work day for the next school year. Goodbye Summer! It was a pleasure having you again!

Copyright 2013 Myra Halpern
All Rights Reserved


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