The X Files

“THERE ARE SO MANY X’s ALL AROUND OUR HOUSE!” Malino exclaimed and pointed at the duct-taped windows of our house.

As we were winding down from a dinner party at Nana’s house in Volcano, we watched a brief update of Tropical Storm Flossie on her television. We could barely hear the words of the newscaster but we did have a clear view of the spinning pinwheel of the storm heading to the Big Island.

On our way home from dinner, we made a stop at Wally’s World to purchase some duct tape and Casey, in the zone, began taping all of the windows of our house. As I was googling information about storm preparedness, I came across articles about how taping up windows are useless and could pose more danger in the event of a storm. The safer and more reliable thing to do is to board up the windows with plywood. Whether or not taping up windows is useless or not, the X’s give me a sense of comfort and also give me a warning to STAY AWAY from the window during a storm.

Disappointed that we had spent some money on duct tape and used it all up, I was still awestruck that Casey went out of his way to protect his family in this unsettling event. I witnessed the children watching their dad tape those windows and they were very attentive to his every request in what they had to do for themselves to prepare for the disaster.

Before heading to Volcano, Casey had to gather items for a catering from the previous night. So he had me go to the store to purchase all the necessary items that we needed such as water and candles. (It is not a good idea to send Mrs. Halpern to the store to buy candles.). I bought some 2-inch rounded votives but also got sucked in to purchasing some fancy scented candles as well as a fancy unscented candle and pillar candleholder. I also made a stop to fill up our propane tanks and vehicles with gas. Thanks to my brother-in-law for his help in purchasing our gas on our way to Volcano. Duct tape was a last minute freak out after viewing the storm news on TV.

Now if we hadn’t fixed our eyes on that hypnotizing spiral of a circular saw making its way to the Big Island, would we still have made that duct tape run? Probably not. What even made it more agitating was when we were on our way to Walmart, the Chevron gas station on the corner had THEIR glass windows taped up. So that gave us confirmation to get the duct tape.

It’s amazing how certain things capture our attention. In the case of a storm, we are all encouraged to be prepared. When I look back at the moment upon hearing the news that I was carrying twins, I strategically and diligently prepared myself for their arrival.

Was I honestly ready after all that preparation? The answer is yes. My body could not take another day of carrying two butts down babies kicking and spreading my pelvic bones and I was so tired of the minimal sugar diet I was placed on after developing gestational diabetes. Did all that preparation help after the arrival of the twins? Yes and no. I used whatever preparation I had to begin my journey as a mother of four. Then there were moments of meltdowns, trial and error, obliviousness, and feelings of throwing in the towel. Not being prepared for the unexpected was the greatest storm of my life!

I did my best to prepare myself, but some things were just not how it was supposed to be in my fantasy of “PEACEFULLY” mothering the twins with my older children smiling and picking daisies. With all my hard work preparation, wasn’t that how it’s supposed to be? I studied everything! I read the material! Why isn’t anything working?

I really was expecting that fantasy picture but would I have the knowledge that I have today if I was given that fantasy family picture? Probably not. I had to really let go of that perfect picture in my mind and make the best out of the circumstances. Every challenge that I overcome prepares me for the next challenge that is waiting up ahead. God’s plans are much more simple compared to our own intricate and complex plans but I’m not here to figure out what is going through God’s mind. God wants me to trust Him in every plan that He has for me. He wants me to trust Him in the storm.

Thus, prepare as best as you can but be prepared for the unexpected. And DO NOT expect that fantasy in your mind. That will just take you on the path of destruction of bad choices which will cause a plethora of disappointments. To be able to withstand the storms of our lives is an aide to building up character in the many other storms that proceed in the future. On an island, you can’t run away from a storm. Do your best to prepare, Trust God, and expect the unexpected. “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares The Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”-Jeremiah 29:11

Another project to add to our list:
Collect enough plywood to fit all our windows and store away until next storm.

Praying for God’s protection upon each and every person on the islands. May His will be done and that we put all our trust to the One who can calm a storm. Thank You Jesus! Amen.

Photos: July 28th 4PM View from Singing Bridge, July 28th 5PM HONOLI’I Bridge, July 28th 11:30 pm Duct Taped Windows




PHOTOS: July 29 12PM Singing Bridge, Windy Waianuenue, Just A Little Rain, Blue Skies Coming Through





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All Rights Reserved


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