Favorite Local Music

Relaxing music while sitting on the deck looking out toward Kuhio Bay. Sometimes I can see the white water splashes from a group of dolphins or a playful whale beyond the breakwall. “Where’s the binoculars?!!”

On a clear day, sailboats are seen moving across a deep blue ocean and planes are flying in and out of Hilo. Rainbows span from east to west or shoot up from the horizon or bridge between two puffy clouds. The rain comes slanting and bending from the direction of the wind or perpendicular to the ground on a bright sunny day. Amazing how the sun is still out and shining through the narrow slits of a downpour. Such a blessing to see God’s great work happening right in front of me. From where I sit, the open rectangular frame of the deck is similar to an outdoor movie screen featuring the present moment at first glance. A reality show-spontaneous, creative, and inspiring!




Copyright 2013 Myra Halpern
All Rights Reserved


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